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Jordan's Itinerary

Jordan's Itinerary

If you want the complete, multi-video travel guide package for China, you can find it right here.

Click here to get a FREE preview of the guide!

If you want to save yourself time, stress, and money - and put all that toward exploring instead, join us in this guide to China!


Jordan's Suggested 3-Week Itinerary

How Jordan Travels China |

24 minutes

One of the many benefits of our China guides is that you get 2 travelers’ perspectives! We both traveled and lived in China for over a year, and we’ve both returned many times since. We’ve traveled China together and solo, and both of us have different ways of exploring a destination.


We have both created separate 3 week itineraries of how we would personally make the most of a China trip if we had to go back and do it all over again. 

Now that you’ve watched all of our video guides, you’re ready to dive into traveling China! Let us be your virtual guide and let’s see where we end up together.

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