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A New Day

As awful of a day as I had the previous day, I was determined to make this one better. I was determined to leave the day before, even going as far as wanting to give up on my travels, but I knew that things could only get better, and the only way that they could get better is if I made them improve myself.

Anneka and I decided to go to the waterfall. We realized that the first time we went, we didn’t actually reach the waterfall that we had intended to, but instead, we had only seen a lesser one. This time, we were going to make it to the one that everyone had been talking about. We brought our razors with us, and shaved our legs next to the waterfall. An experience I can honestly call the best shaving experience of my life! Ha!

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of trying to go on this adventure barefoot, and ended having to create makeshift shoes out of leaves and bags for the way back in order to protect my feet. However, that shot is on video for you to see later. 🙂

Later that night, I saw the most beautiful moth that I have ever encountered. It was so big and beautiful!

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