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Angels Do Exist!

Finally, after a few weeks of not having my computer and desperately searching for solutions of how to fix it or buy a new one, I figured it out! There is no Apple Store in Costa Rica, and all Apple computers are almost twice the price that they are in the U.S. because they are imported here so buying a new one would not only be difficult, but expensive. Honestly, there must be an angel with me because my computer managed to fix itself. I left it here in Alajuela with a friend of the Nuñez family who works on computers and when he finally got around to looking at it he said that it was working perfectly. He did a hardware test that came out positive, which I had tried several times but could not get to work. After calling Apple in the U.S., they presumed it was water damage, also known as a hardware failure. I assumed sleeping outside in such a humid climate for 12 days was the issue, and by chance that this was the case, the friend of the Nuñez family put it outside in the sun for a few hours. He must have had the magic touch because it began to work normally again, unlike when I attempted to use it and the screen went completely pink and eventually shut off and would not sop beeping. But anyway, enough of my blabbering – let me try to recap these last 6 weeks…

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