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Day of Eating

Finally I get picked up by my friends family in the morning and we start driving to their place out of the city and to farm land. On the way we stopped at this super cute farmers market where I tried lots of different fruits I’ve never seen nor heard of. I had to watch people to learn how to even eat it.

Sorry for the blurry photo, didn’t want to pull out my nice camera my first day and this is all the iPhone 5 can do.

So you eat the white part that is inside of this. This fruit is called a “mamoncillo”

Their version of a pork empanada in which they add slaw.

I’ve also learned that Costa Ricans like to use evaporated and condensed milk in lots of food or drinks like certain cocktails. This is a super sweet “popsicle”, at least that’s what I would call it with evaporated milk on the outside and condensed milk that’s gooey on the inside. Was super sweet so honestly not my favorite but I want to try everything!

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