• Poppy

First Night in Alajuela, Costa Rica

After a little trouble finding the right taxi to take to the hostel, once arrived I immediately met lots of cool people who all wanted to go to a Drag Show. Of course there are no street names or addresses in Costa Rica so finding the gay bar was a little difficult and hilarious to locals on the street when we asked them where Ricky’s Bar was. They probably thought us gringos had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. But we did and we had a blast. The owner Ricky was American and super friendly! He offered us a all a free Costa Rican shot called “chilliguaro”, which is basically a spicy bloody mary. Unfortunately we arrived a little bit too early and learned that when they say the show starts at 10:30pm, it actually starts two hours later. Time in Costa Rica seems to be irrelevant so patience is the first thing I’m going to have to learn on my trip.

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