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From Bad to Worse

Let me start off by saying that when one bad thing happens, it usually creates a landslide.

I woke up at 6:30 a.m. like usual, and continued reading this depressing novel that I had found at the farm titled The Road. At 7:30 a.m., I went to the kitchen expecting breakfast to be made but it was still closed. I started searching through the kitchen for food because I could not help myself. I was starving! Then, at 8 a.m., I was ready to start farming, but there was still nobody in sight. As 8:30 rolled around and I finally saw the family waking up and starting to cook breakfast, I asked them where Randal was and they looked at me shocked that I was still at the farm. They assumed I had gone horseback riding with Anneke and so, called off Randal for the day.

Upset that I was alone for the day with nothing to do, I walked back to the hammock and finished reading my book. When I finished it I had a sick feeling in my stomach and wished I had never read the book. I went downstairs to change and was shocked by a colony of ants crawling over all the beds. It had rained a lot the night before, so their existing colony was washed away and they were in panic to find a new home. I walked over to my bed and this is what I saw.

All of a sudden, the ants were on my legs and biting me. Well, I thought they were biting me. However, these ants apparently spit and release a toxin that stings, making your skin welt. In pain, I ran to find one of the owners and tried my best to explain in Spanish what was going on. The woman, Raquel, came down and saw it and told me there was nothing that I could do and I simply had to wait. They would leave at night. Of course, being my stubborn self, I did not listen, as I, like the ants, was in a panic about the situation. I grabbed a hose and sprayed everything down. There were still a lot of ants left but I felt better about myself. This is until I saw another black scorpion crawling out of my bed. I know I had started to respect bugs, but I lost it at this point. I killed the scorpion before it could get into my stuff.

Frustrated and fed up, I grabbed my laptop and went to the Rancho to start researching new places to visit. Then suddenly, my computer screen turned pink. I frantically started using my phone to research what the issue could be. Everything that I found pointed towards hardware failure. Now my panic had turned to tears, as I feared my trip had been ruined. If I was unable to post my photos and take videos then my entire plan had been disrupted.

After I managed to stop crying, I put down my computer and tried to distract myself with laundry. I went to check if my laundry was dry and instead discovered that all of my clothes reeked! The climate was simply too humid and hand washing was not doing my clothes any justice.

By the end of the day, all I could do was look foreword to dinner. But of course, my bad day had not ended yet and everything that was served for dinner was unappetizing to me. Instead, I loaded up on rice, crossed my fingers that things would improve the next day, and went to bed.

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