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The Best Unexpected Day

All dressed and ready for a hard day’s work, Randal handed Anneka and I each a machete. We were told to hop into the bed of the truck and that we were going to be clearing hiking trails in the nearby national park. The entire ride to the park, we stood up in the bed of the truck, basically off-roading. It was super fun! Dodging branches and cobwebs, holding on through tight turns and low hanging trees, we had a dangerously great time in the bed of that truck. When we arrived, we took off on foot down a pre-made hiking trail. As we continued going down and down, I started getting nervous for the way back up, knowing I was definitely not in shape for such a return hike. When we reached the bottom, there was a river that everyone was determined to cross, but I was confused because I was not prepared for this in my pants and hiking boots. As I did not have a choice, I followed and we ended up treading through the river for close to an hour. I kept asking where we were going and what we were supposed to be doing but nobody would give me a clear answer. I had to give someone else my machete and camera bag because I kept slipping in the water and was worried that I would ruin my camera.

Here are some pictures of what we walked through. Very pretty, although I could not enjoy it as much because I was searching for an explanation of what was going on!

Finally, we reached an amazing waterfall! Everybody started taking off their shoes and shirts and began to jump in. It was definitely the coolest waterfall that I have ever seen and I do not think that many people could possibly know of it. This would something so secluded and beautiful that it would not be posted in a tourist book. There was a cliff you could jump off of into the pool below. You could also sit under the waterfall for a nice massage. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures because I was worried if I got to close I would get my camera wet. But I have a few videos I will post later.

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