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To the Beach

After 12 days of being on the farm it was time to return to the Nuñez house. Of course, when I got there is when I found out that my computer was still nonresponsive, and so, I ended up leaving it behind with a friend of the Nuñez family during my duration at the beach.

Getting to the beach from the Nuñez house was an interesting experience. I woke up at 2 a.m. and jumped in the bed of the Nuñez truck with a bunch of bedding, blankets, and produce surrounding me. They put a tarp over me to keep me hidden and warm. Even though it seemed completely illegal, I was far too comfortable and tired to care. Ha! We drove to a farm in Guanacaste. I plugged my headphones in and was able to sleep throughout the entire ride. We arrived at round 6 a.m.

When the Nuñezes lifted the tarp, I realized that I was back at a farm. Not that being at a farm is necessarily a bad thing, but it is not what I had wanted after my recent experience. All I wanted to do was to get to the beach. So, soon after my arrival to this new farm, the Nuñezes were kind enough to drop me off at a bus station in Nicoya where I took the bus to Playa Sámara (Pacific beach on the Nicoya Peninsula). There, I found a job working at Las Mariposas hostel.

This is Iggy the iguana. I met him on my walk to the hostel as he was blocking my path from entering. After a long morning of traveling I wasn’t sure if he would attack so I waited for him to get out of the road before continuing on. Later on I learned they call him Iggy and he basically comes with the hostel.

Soon after arriving, I was in love. I dropped off my stuff in my new room, read the handbook at the hostel, and immediately ran to the water.

In this picture is the island that I swam to three times during my stay. The first two times, one of the other volunteers – Ciarra, and I ran to the edge of the beach and jumped off the reefs to swim to the island. It was a very good workout, and I always felt amazing afterwards. The third time we went with a few guests from the hostel and ended up swimming from shore. I think we were gone for almost four hours. It was a lot farther of a swim then we had expected. But it was worth it, until some of us got stung by jellyfish on our swim home.

One of my snapchat photos because horses just walk around freely on the beach, around town.

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